I do not know your name
but word of your courage
echoes down our street

neighbors tell of how
you were the first one there
how you put everything down

and rushed to the bedsides
of people whose names
that you did not know

how you held hands, offered prayers
as last words were said
to pass on to beloved ones

that the light had gone out
that the light had gone out
that the light would not come on again.



This poem was written as part of my participation in the 30 Poems in November fundraiser.
I will endeavor to raise US$5,000 for the Center for New Americans by writing a poem a day for the month of November.
The Center works to support immigrants in Western Massachusetts, USA.
See my campaign page here and support in any way you can; donate, share online and tell your friends about it.


POEM: Copyright © Iz Mazano

PHOTO: Screenshot from royalty free video on Storyblocks.com
VIDEO: Fungai Creates


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