I keep on delaying my first collection. I didn’t want to admit it to myself that this is what was happening, but here we are, mid-2021 and still the collection I promised would be out is nowhere to be seen.

I am delaying.

Not consciously. My mind is kicking up all sorts of more important things to take care of, more urgent, more significant, more this, more that. Always more than the work right in front of me.

The scary work of putting a first collection out into the world.

Now that I’m onto what’s happening, the even scarier question is how do I confront my cunning mind and get it to put the objections aside.

I’m tired of wild goose chases. This is a duckling. I want it to quack, but I am so afraid of letting it go, letting it grow, letting it leap into the pond.

I’m ducking.

I’m hiding.

Dang it.

Let the duck go.

Dang it.

Let. It. Go.

Dang it.


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