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The making of a poem video: You Are Loved

Adobe Premiere Pro Screenshot | The Making of a Poem Video - You Are Loved - Iz Mazano


Date started: August 21, 2021
Date complete: October 24, 2021
Uploaded to YouTube & scheduled to premiere on October 27, 9AM EDT.

The Poem

Here is version 1 of the poem that this video will be based on. It is titled, ‘You Are Loved.’ I am working on a second version.

Brief for Video

Show a series of video clips of Black men who are feeling sad, alone, anxious interwoven with clips of space, sunrise, breezes, and storms. Then show some clips of smiling, happy Black men at the end. The whole idea is to challenge the common depiction of Black men in the media as being all-tough or all-goofy. Black men are capable of tenderness, and intimacy. Black men can love too.



  • Audacity – Recording poem and editing audio
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Video editing
  • Canva – Graphics editing
  • ClickUp – Project Management


  • Videos depicting black men (royalty free)
  • Clips of Iz (filmed on phone)
  • Find epic instrumental audio clip (royalty free)

New skills needed

  • Use of luts in videos




  • Poem recorded in The Basement
  • Music: “In The Tunnels” by Ethan Sloan

Video Clips Used – From

  • Flight among the stars by Game OI
  • Rotating earth & sun by Space Space
  • Drone video over ocean by Pixabay
  • Mountains and clouds by KM L
  • Thunderstorm by The Element
  • Time lapse night wind and stars by Louai Minajim
  • Sun through the leaves by Pixabay
  • Tall grass in the breeze by Nathan Cowley
  • Time lapse of sky and clouds 1 by James Cheney
  • Time lapse of sky and clouds 2 by Ella Pix
  • Earth texture by Monsterra
  • Man on sofa looking at packed boxes by Cottonbro
  • Man with dreadlocks by Alex Green
  • Man on bed looking at photo by Rodnae Productions
  • Man holding his head by Keika Burton
  • Man looking up at the sky by Nicola Barts
  • Ticking clock by Mat Brown
  • Man closing eyes in the breeze by Barbara Olsen
  • Tree in the forest by The Marc Knight
  • Hand on wall – Roman Odintsov

Other Video Clips

  • Iz Mazano with hand up in the breeze by FungaiFoto


  • YouTube Thumbnail by the usual suspect
  • Video outro by the usual suspect

You can watch the video here.

Copryight © 2024 Iz Mazano
Poet • Entrepreneur • Dreamer
Artist Dynamix Loves Poets

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