Tanga takamirira zvidadiso,
mutakunanzva wehunanzvi hwako.

Patanzwa kutigogogoi tasvetuka nemufaro,
asi nho, panze kudoka.

Mashoko anorema mumasaisai,
zuva rawira sei masikati akadai?

Vana veZimbabwe,
muchiri kuamhanya mhanya zvisingaperi
Rima kudai, kushaya Zororo.


For Zororo Makamba. Go well.





We then brought the ventilator on Sunday by 2pm and when we got here, because the portable ventilator had an American plug, they told us to get an adapter because they only had round sockets at the hospital.

I then rushed to buy an adapter and came back and they never used it and when I asked why they were not using the ventilator they said they had no sockets in his room. So they didn’t have medication, ventilators and we brought them a ventilator and they didn’t have sockets in his room. I told them that I had an extension cord and pleaded with them to use the cord, but they refused.

…It even got to a point where they were telling us that we are bothering them but Zororo was struggling in there. My mother and his fiancé have been parked out here for the past two days and they wouldn’t allow us to come in. The minister lied to us on many occasions. He lied to us that they were going to bring equipment and doctors but nothing ever materialised.

…At the end before he died, he kept telling us that he was alone and scared and the staff was refusing to help him to a point where he got up and tried to walk out and they were trying to restrain him.
So this is how my younger brother ended up dying…

– Tawanda Makamba.

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