home is the place where your hard drives are
where your favorite bed awaits you
where smiles open up in the arrivals lounge
where you don’t need an app or a map
to get to your favorite places

where streets whisper your childhood nickname
and ask you questions about things long forgotten
where memories leap out from corner stores
and these roads that have lain here for many years
have taken you to beyond the places they lead to

home is meals that pour out of the kitchen
and coffee in mugs that know your hands
home is albums full of photographs
waiting to remind you of mischief past
home is stories you’ve shared before
that always need retelling

home is smiles that say good morning daddy
and hugs that say good night
and when oats are your favorite breakfast thing
home is knowing they will be on the shopping list
even before you say it.



Inspired by a visit to my second home, South Africa.

POEM © 2019 – Iz Mazano
For #30PoemsInNovember
PHOTO Royalty free – Breno Assis on Unsplash

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