Two thousand in black stand upon Beacon Street
Screaming for justice, looking mighty annoyed
Hoisting placards and voices because the ends do not meet
Demanding again the change that we somehow avoid
Echoing King whose dream is still a distant feat
By the end of the night, the peace lies destroyed
The police are out on a treacherous beat
Are we closer or further, to justice for Floyd?



I went out to Boston on May 31st to attend one of the many protests erupting around the USA in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police on May 25. There was so much energy in the air, so much anger, so many pent up frustrations released as choruses and chants for justice, not just for George Floyd, but for every person of color in the country.



POEM: Iz Mazano
PICTURE: Fungai Tichawangana | FungaiFoto

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