I’m trying to get this straight
but it’s all bent up—
somebody woke up on a Sunday
and gathered his boys
said ain’t this a good day
to shoot up a church

said we’ll get them while they pray
you know that moment near the end
when they are high on the Eucharist
pews and sanctuary all, we’ll go in then, spew hate
spray poison into this search for the Spirit
end things, spill life, what bread, make crumbs
ring bells with bullets, zing the chalice, big dent

the priest’s words still echoing
my body, my blood – given up for you
plans denied for Sunday lunch
engulf, engulf, grief birthed so deep
many believers will cry out for the rest of their days
Eli! Eli! Lama sabachtani!
Eli! Eli! Lama sabachtani!


For the families in Owo and Port Harcourt Nigeria. Comfort & strength to you.
May your faith remain strong.


POEM: Copyright © Iz Mazano
PHOTO: J. Stevens Jnr, Getty Images | Canva

Mass Shooting in Owo, Ondo State Nigeria

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